fu_2006 (fu_2006) wrote in fueboard,

November 13 update

1. I Made agenda for tonight's meeting
2. I Sent out reminder email for tonight's meeting

3. I'm Still in contact with rep from Good Vibes. Talked to Michelle about contract and it is looking good. He is set to get back to us to confirm the date and make sure it can be properly staffed by his people. Keep your fingers crossed...I have the contract/payment stuff under control for now
Still needs to be done: Book a room (lounge on res campus). Promotions.

4. Lunafest- Sarah H. is set to make tickets by tomorrow morning.
need to do: establish a system for counting the number of tickets sold tomorrow, get money box for tomorrow and make sure we know how to deposit money (and that someone is there staffing the table at all times, especially at the end of the day)

5. Vagina Monologues- Any word from Dana? It's definitely a good idea to get an early start on this...

6. Letter to Editor- maybe for the next meeting? I'll be in a rush to get to this meeting from an event I'm attending so I can't bring my laptop- Sarah H. can you bring the magazine copy to the next meeting as well? Thanks!

that's all for now..
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